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Meet the Shenandoah Valley's Top Fishing Charter Operator Captain Travis Edens & Cast Off Onboard His 14-Foot Water Raft Boat

If you’re putting smallmouth bass as your main target for the day, the Shenandoah Valley’s mesmerizing rivers are said to be the best spot. These waters have a long history of being a great smallmouth bass river and it has the highest density of the said fish species compared to any other river in Virginia. Captain Travis Edens, a native fishing guide who is known for his vast experience when it comes to these local waters. He is a top choice if you want to have a first-hand fishing experience because he knows everything well from where to bring you, to the gear, and bait, and to what techniques are best to use to have a successful day of fishing. Although smallmouth bass is the most popular to catch, The Captain's versatility will also show you that these waters still have a lot to offer. You’ll discover that aside from smallmouth bass, it is also good for catching other prized species lurking and swimming around such as Catfish, Bluegill, Walleye, Crappie, Muskie, and more!

Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, Travis said, “I fondly remember my first canoe trip with my dad, uncle, and cousins at the age of five. I caught my first fish on that trip, a red-breasted sunfish. So began my love for the water and fishing. When school was out, I could be found chasing tails on local tributaries. My passion grew more when I picked up the fly rod in the late 90s. In 2006 I decided to purchase my first fishing raft. In the back of my mind, I knew that someday I would be a fishing guide. It only seemed natural since I had been guiding family and friends to fish. Then the recession hit in 2008 and I decided to make the guiding dream a reality to help supplement my income.” “Guiding is my passion and that passion is mixed with Smallmouth Bass. King of the river in my opinion! Years ago, I read an article in the back of a fishing magazine about a local old-timer in Canada who knew the local water like the back of his hand. Everyone wanted him as their guide or to consult with him on where to fish and what to fish with. I wanted to be that guy here in Shenandoah. As I said, Smallmouth and Guiding are my passion. I get as much, if not more, enjoyment out of seeing my customers catch and fight fish as I do catching them myself. I’ve had the pleasure of doing a video shoot with the fishing editor of Field & Stream magazine for a Hook Shots episode. I have been interviewed and quoted in articles in Field & Stream magazine and Outdoor Life magazine.” No matter what age or skill level, King Fisher Guide Services has something to offer you. I look forward to discussing the Shenandoah with you! 

You’ll be casting off onboard a 14-foot water raft (perfect for river fishing) that can take up to two guests. This Raft boat is incredibly versatile and offers a surprising number of advantages when it comes to performance and reliability. Once you hop in, you’ll love it for its convenience, utility, and speed it is easy to transport. 

Captain Travis Edens has been fishing the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers for more than 15 years but he offers 33 years of experience in fishing, guiding, and teaching. He never hesitates to share his expertise and he prides himself on turning every trip he takes into something that is productive and meaningful.

Join him out for a run to meet a true expert when it comes to freshwater fishing!

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